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 Mai 2018

With These Eyes

J'adore (Party-WS)

Staring At The Moon

Echoes Of Love

D. Bailley & N. B. Poulsen

Gudrun Schneider

Gudrun Schneider

Maggie Gallagher



  April 2018

Echame La Culpa

Be Mine

A Devil In Me

Cheek To Cheeky

Celtic Duo

Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk

M. Chabret & S. Bonnier

Kata Sala

Robert Hahn

M. Gallagher & G. O´Reilly


 März 2018 

Keep Your Eyes On Me

Jump Right In

Beautiful Day

Trust Me!

Friday At The Dance

G. Schneider & Roy Hoeben

A. Biggs & P. Metelnik

Gaye Teather

Geri Morrison

Rob Fowler & Laura Sway


Februar 2018


All Katchi



 Kerry Maus

 Maddison Glover

Caroline Dancer Cooper


Januar 2018


Old And Grey


A Little Bit Lit

Whiskey`s Gone

Snap On Monday

Ghost Train

My Greek No 1

Blurred Lines (W)

Derek Rayen

Pat Stott

Rob Fowler

Rob Fowler

G. Schneider & D. Osterloh

Kathy Hunyadi

Maria Rask

Giovanni Coenmans


Dezember 2017


Clap Snap

Suzanne Suzanne

Collecting Dust

Philip Sobrelio, Rebecca Lee

Hazel Pace

Ria Vos


November 2017


 I`m Already Gone

Goodbye For Now

Love Remains


Rock in Christmas

Magali Chabret

Josè Miguel Belloque Vane

Gary 0`Reilly

Tina Argyle

Anette Hagberg




Oktober 2017


Dancin` The Dust


Razor Sharp

No Ordinary Angel

Tina Argyle

Peter Metelnick

Stephen Sunter

Trepat, Kinser, Zwijgers, ...



September 2017


Wandering Hearts

Geronimo Easy

Rose From The Sea

Gary O`Reily & M. Gallagher

Gary Parker

Gabe Garcia









August 2017


Every Time She Walks By

Independence Day

Mucara Walk

Perfectly Easy


Run Me Like A River

McEnaney, McKeever, Poulsen

Heather Barton


John Steel

A. Johnstone & J. Talbot

Rob Fowler

Kinser, Richard, Verdonk,Camps



Juli 2017


Pretty When You`re Angry

Champagne Promise


H. & K. van Gennhuizen

Tina Argyle

A. Johnstone & J. Talbot





Juni 2017


Feel The Beat

No Roots

I See Me

Chris Watson

Dwight Meessen

Tina Argyle

The Long Way Home

 Marie Sørensen

I Be U Be

 Gudrun Schneider


Mai 2017

Golden Wedding Ring


 Sèverine Fillion

 Ria Vos



 April 2017

Open Book

Nancy Mulligan

Worth Fighting For


Jo Th. Szymanski

Maggie Gallagher & G. O`Reilly

Roy Verdonk & Jef Camps

Robby McGowan Hickie



 März 2017

Country Walkin`

 Happy, Happy, Happy

Oops Baby

Teree Desarro

Angeles Mateu Simon  

C. Flowers & R McEnany



Februar 2017


1-2-3 Summertime

2 Lane Highway

Lost On You

Indian Sound

Dancing Violines

Roy Verdonk, Wil Bos

Gary O´Reilly

Magali Chabret

Marcus Zeckert

Maggie Gallagher



Januar 2017


Don`t Gimme That (W)

Out And Jump (W)

Blue Night Cha

Romy Großer

Rep Ghazali

Kim Ray


Cindi Talbot

Dig Your Heels 

Galway Girls (W)

Maddison Glover

Chris Hodgson

Better Off (W)

Joerg Hammer

Howling At The Moon

Digital Age

Bring On The Good Time

Good Girls Don`t

 R. Verdonk & S.Holtland

Trepat, Beloque, V. & R. Verdonk

Gary O´Reilly, Maggie Gallagher

Lisa M. Johns-Grose